Shower Remodel – The Right Way

Leaking shower pans and cheap materials generally cause the need for getting into a remodel project sooner than you were ready for it.

A couple options for a shower pan are:


Pros: Low cost, fast to install

Cons: Fixed size (3’x3′), not custom

40 Mil Vinyl

Pros: Able to make custom size, takes 1-2 days to install due to dry time

Cons: Corners, joints, inside corer pieces are not readily available and consequently installers don’t use them. They fold the corners, which makes for a weak spot in the corners of the tile since there is not a rigid surface to bond the tile to. Many guys puncture the membrane in corners and damage it trying to secure it but violate code and install.

Hydro Ban

Pros: Conforms to any shape. Adheres to plastic, hardibacker, metal, copper, stainless, PVC.

Cons: Longer installation time. All good things come to those who wait. Hydroban cannot be installed on fresh mortar. Mortar needs to cure 72 hours. Then install HydroBan. Oh, and you’ll have to wait a few decades until the style of tile you chose to go out of style. Then you may feel forced to re-tile your shower… because you won’t be doing a shower remodel due to water damage and leaks.

Cost: materials $90 per 50 sq.ft. Installation of mortar bed and HydroBan can take 7-8 hours.

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Carl Pfeiffer is an Angie's List A Rated Remodeling Contractor providing high quality kitchen and bathroom projects. He is a Former Home Inspector and is a fully Licensed and Insured general contractor with over 15 years of experience.

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